Oh! Hello! I wanted a place where I could explore (and hopefully work through in a healthy way!) things that don’t really fit the theme I want to keep over at The Empty Nest Housewife blog.

When I started that blog last year, I already owned scatteredamongtheleaves.com but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it so it sat for a long time.

I originally wanted to use it as the name of my first book — a novel about my experiences living with mast cell disease while surviving an extremely toxic upbringing — but I haven’t gotten there yet. I’ve tried to get it started a few times, but… it’s just not time.

I don’t want this space to go to waste so I decided for now to use it as a clearinghouse for all of my thoughts on these and other deeper, sometimes darker, subjects in my life that are related to having mast cell disease and growing up with toxic people.

Maybe someday I will write that book. Until then, I will write related stuff here.

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